Please get your MP to support this bill!

The Stalking Protection Bill aims to introduce measures called Stalking Protection Orders to protect victims when they report a stalking crime to the police, without putting the onus on the victim to apply for them. Importantly, breaching such an order would be a serious criminal offence that should result in immediate action by the police. The existence of such measures could have made a critical difference in Alice’s case, as in many others.

The Bill comes up for its second reading in Parliament on Friday January 19th. Although it has cross-party support, because it is a Private Members’ Bill it is critical that there are 100 MPs present in Parliament on the day in order that it can pass its second reading.

PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR MP TO ASK THEM TO BE IN PARLIAMENT ON JANUARY 19TH TO SUPPORT THE BILL! The Suzy Lamplugh Trust have produced a downloadable letter template.

You can also download and use the blank message below, as we have done.

For more information see the Suzy Lamplugh Trust's interview with Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, who is sponsoring the bill.