The need for stalking advocates
Fathers in discussion

On Tuesday of National Stalking Awareness Week 2022, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust released an interview by Suky Bhaker, CEO of the SLT, of Alice’s father Clive together with Richard Spinks, the father of Gracie Spinks who was tragically murdered in June 2021 while tending to her horse.

Richard and Clive speak about Gracie and Alice's stories, and why they think having a stalking advocate would have made a critical difference in each of their daughters’ cases.


Alternatively, you can access the podcast from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s website here.

We desperately need earmarked funding for ISACs.



Speaking on BBC Breakfast on the morning of the “Gracie’s Law” debate in parliament, in January, Alice’s father Clive called for £4 million p.a. to be earmarked to ensure that there are always at least two ISACs (Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers) at all times in each police force area in England and Wales as well as elsewhere in the UK. READ MORE


The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is now calling for at least £10 million a year, enough to cover independent stalking advocate support for each victim of stalking in England and Wales, based on the numbers of victims (almost 100,000) who reported to police in 2021. READ MORE


Please support us by writing to your MP, or your Police and Crime Commissioner, and publicise your support however you can.