Stalking Protection Bill starts to pass through the Lords

The Stalking Protection Bill has begun its passage through the House of Lords. It successfully completed its Second Reading on 18 January 2019.

Read the debate in Hansard

Watch the debate on Parliament TV (second item of business, starting at 12:12)

The Stalking Protection Bill is a Private Member's Bill sponsored by Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, who successfully guided it through the House of Commons during 2018. It is being guided through the House of Lords by Baroness Bertin.

The bill aims to introduce measures called Stalking Protection Orders to protect victims when they report a stalking crime to the police, without putting the onus on the victim to apply for them. Importantly, breaching such an order would be a serious criminal offence that should result in immediate action by the police. As Baroness Bertin said in her opening speech, Alice’s parents strongly believe that if a co-coordinated approach to stalking had existed back in 2016, including the use of stalking protection orders backed up by immediate action to arrest the perpetrator if breached, Alice might still be alive today.

The Alice Ruggles Trust hopes that the Bill can complete its passage through the Lords as quickly as possible so that Stalking Protection Orders can become law without delay. Together with other members of the National Stalking Consortium we are doing all we can to support the Bill during its passage through the Lords.