Support videos for the Relationship Safety Resource



Durham Constabulary, whose Community Support Officers (PCSOs) have been delivering our Relationship Safety Resource at schools in County Durham since 2019, have developed a package of walk-through videos to accompany our Relationship Safety Resource. These will be useful for teachers, PTSOs, and anyone else delivering these materials in schools, especially if they have little or no prior knowledge of the issues involved.

We think it’s really important that those delivering the lessons have confidence in the subject and what is expected in each exercise. For this reason the three videos—one for each lesson—go through the exercises in detail, explain the background, and talk through how to deliver the lessons and the responses that should be given to pupils.

You can view a preview trailer here.

We are happy to supply these videos free of charge but we would like to get some idea of who is using them. For this reason, please take a couple of moments to complete the form below (it is very quick). You will then be redirected to the links. We are also asking for your email address and consent so that we can request feedback from you at a later stage. Such feedback will be critical for us in sustaining and improving these resources in the future. Thank you!