Putting an end to stalking

Professional training packages

Since 2017 Alice’s parents Clive and Sue have told Alice’s story to numerous professional audiences, moving from the personal side to how her case was dealt with and what lessons need to be learned (and are increasingly being learned) in order to help prevent what happened to Alice happening to others.

In 2019 we began to offer training packages both in-house and in collaboration with other organisations such as Protection Against Stalking and Cheshire Constabulary’s multi-agency Harm Reduction Unit. These range from one-hour talks to full-day sessions.

  • Stalker typologies and motivations
  • Difference between stalking and harassment
  • Legislation
  • Assessing the risk
  • Tools for protection and containment
  • The full-day training package covers:
  • Legislative framework of stalking
  • The psychology of stalking
  • Conceptualisation of risk
  • Stalker typologies with interactive case studies
  • Multi-agency responses: best practice / what works

Although it is not the main focus of our charity, we remain happy to consider training requests. If you are interested, please contact us using the button below.