Putting an end to stalking

Our information leaflets

From time to time, the Alice Ruggles Trust produces information leaflets for distribution to organisations, schools, or at specific events.

Alice Ruggles Trust information leaflets

This Stalking information leaflet, produced for distribution in schools and among girlguiding groups, highlights the FOUR acronym to help identify stalking behaviour. It includes short examples (“case studies”), and has information on what to do, both for a potential victim and to help a friend.

Alice Ruggles Trust information leaflets

The Healthy relationship leaflet asks the question “How healthy is your relationship?” and helps the reader answer it, including a “relationship quiz” and a list of warning signs. It also provides advice on what to do and how to help a friend.

Alice Ruggles Trust - Putting an end to Stalking

Our two-sided Stalking flyer draws attention to some of the behaviours that might indicate stalking, its complementary messages being (on one side) “Are you a victim of stalking?” and on the other “Are you a stalker?”