Putting an end to stalking

Podcasts and documentaries

Alice Ruggles Trust podcast

The podcasts in our series ‘Is it just me?’ contain impactive stories and testimonials from young people with lived experience of stalking, coercive control, or unhealthy relationships. The first two feature the story of Joey, who was stalked from the age of 14, and Gabriella, who was stalked by someone she did not know whilst studying for her GCSEs.

Alice’s own story has also been told in been various documentaries and independent podcasts. Each of those listed below targets a different audience and, we believe, helps to raise awareness of the dangers of stalking and coercive control.

The ITV documentary “An hour to catch a killer” with Trevor McDonald, which aired in 2017 exactly year after Alice’s death, focused upon the investigation that followed rather than the circumstances that led up to it.

Other documentaries, podcasts or social media output featuring Alice’s story do not necessarily have our endorsement as true and helpful accounts. If you are in doubt, please refer either to Alice’s Story as told here on our website or to the Domestic Homicide Review into her murder.<!>