Teaching and learning resources

It is of key importance to raise awareness among young people of the dangers of coercive control and stalking. Not only will this help them to protect themselves; it is also the best way to produce a future where stalking is generally recognised for the extremely serious crime that it is, and so to ensure strong and sustained public support for the measures necessary to tackle and prevent it.

The Alice Ruggles Trust Relationship Safety Resource

The Alice Ruggles Trust Relationship Safety Resource, launched in March 2019 and updated and extended in April 2021, is a package of quality-assured teaching materials and lesson plans on stalking and coercive behaviour that are freely available to secondary teachers throughout the UK as part of the statutory RSE (relationships and sex education) strand of the PSHE curriculum.


Aimed at key stage 4 (14- to 16-year-old) students, the three lesson plans and accompanying materials promote awareness of unhealthy relationship behaviours and stalking in order to help protect young people from the potential risks in such situations. The focus throughout is on raising awareness of the steps young people can take to support their safety and emotional wellbeing whilst reinforcing that stalking and harassment are both socially unacceptable and illegal.

The resource, which has been developed in collaboration with, and quality-assured by, the PSHE Association, is being offered free to schools to help ensure that young people learn essential safeguarding information and skills in an interactive yet safe and age-appropriate way.

PSHE resources such as these are particularly important in the light of the Ofsted’s Review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges published in June 2021, which documents the scale and nature of sexual abuse in schools and the increasing "normalisation" of unhealthy relationship behaviours.




In 2019, Durham Constabulary took the initiative to delivering the first version of our resources into the 63 state schools in their county, a lead that has now been followed by several other police forces. They have have now developed a package of walk-through videos to accompany the updated Relationship Safety Resource. These will be useful for teachers, PCSOs, and anyone else delivering these materials in schools, especially if they have little or no prior knowledge of the issues involved.

The Broadly video

This video is useful for highlighting—where only a limited time is available—the dangers of stalking through the powerful impact of the personal story of Alice told by her immediate family. It contains distressing material, although not distressing images. There is a 5 min 30 sec version and a 7-minute version.

The original video, which you can watch below, was produced by Broadly UK as part of their “UnFollow Me” campaign calling for a register of stalking serial offenders.