Professional training resources

A major aim of public awareness raising is to encourage stalking victims to go to the police sooner. But the criminal justice system and other agencies have to react in the right way when they do. There is a clear need for professional training among the police, CPS and judiciary, as well as probation officers, health professionals, and others.

Working together against stalking

Since 2017 Alice’s parents have told Alice’s story to professional audiences, moving from the personal side to how her case was dealt with and what lessons need to be learned (and are increasingly being learned) in order to help prevent what happened to Alice happening to others. In addition to this, the Trust launched a new training initiative in 2019 in conjunction with the Cheshire Integrated Anti-Stalking Unit (IASU). Entitled “Working Together Against Stalking”, this offered flexible full-day or half-day training packages to UK police and other agencies seeking to review and improve their response to cases of stalking.

To date we have personally addressed over 4,000 professionals including police from more than 20 different forces, CPS lawyers, magistrates and judges, social and healthcare professionals, and domestic abuse caseworkers. We continue to see such work as a vital part of the Trust’s mission.


Training packages available from the Alice Ruggles Trust

We currently offer training packages both in-house and in collaboration with other organisations such as Protection Against Stalking and Cheshire Constabulary’s multi-agency Harm Reduction Unit. These range from one-hour talks to full-day sessions. During covid restrictions we have been offering these on-line, but there is no doubt that they are more impactful and effective when delivered face to face.

In all cases we consider learning from the victim’s experience to be the key element. Thus we always lead with a presentation on Alice’s story and the lessons to be learned.

For packages up to half a day we offer a brief or more detailed introduction to the following topics:

  • Stalker typologies and motivations
  • Difference between stalking and harassment
  • Legislation
  • Assessing the risk
  • Tools for protection and containment

The full-day training package covers:

  • Legislative framework of stalking
  • The psychology of stalking
  • Conceptualisation of risk
  • Stalker typologies with interactive case studies
  • Best Practice / What works: Development and operational establishment of the Harm Reduction Unit and other multi-agency responses
  • Q&A

For further information and pricing please contact us.