This has been a very hard year for many people and also very a challenging time for charities. We launched the #24forAlice challenge in October 2020 to enable people to achieve a personal goal while also supporting our vital work.

THANK YOU!!! Your response has been incredible. Over £12,000 raised so far!

#24ForAlice runs until September. Give yourself a challenge, and help us spread the message about stalking...

Your challenge can be anything as long as it involves the number 24. You could, for example, walk 2.4 miles every day for 24 days, or make and sell 24 cupcakes. Or how about running 24 km and getting 24 friends to run one of those kilometres with you? Almost anything goes!

First, think up what you'd like to do. Then set your own fundraising target! Then sign up using the button below (we're just asking for a modest registration fee — you guessed it, £24). Finally, let us know what you're doing, what your target is, and whether you'd like us to mention your challenge on the Trust website. Do consider setting up a fundraising page (for example on GoFundMe, JustGiving or GoldenGiving).

From there on in it's down to you!! Just let us know when you've completed your challenge, send us a picture or two, and we’ll send you one of our magnificent challenge medals.

The deadline is 30 Sep 2021, so there’s plenty of time to complete your challenge. On that evening we’ll hold an informal event on-line where people can come together and exchange stories. We’ll be giving awards for the most money raised, the most original idea, and maybe more...

Choose your own 24 challenge now and help us in our work to bring stalking to an end.

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I didn’t personally know Alice but do work with a lot of people who did. She sounds like such a sweet and loving person who I would have loved to have the privilege to meet.

  After hearing her story I was not only saddened but angry that the system let her down. For me education is the key to anything! If you understand what stalking looks like and how to spot the warning signs you can get help sooner. I felt I could play a part in reaching out to others to help not only educate but raise more awareness and hopefully a few pounds for the charity to continue their amazing work.

    As we live in a world now where a lot of us put our lives on social media I felt this was a good platform to use. I love a TikTok so for my #24forAlice challenge I set out to do 24 TikToks over 24 days. Not only were these fun to create—when somebody shared one of my videos it reached even more people. I love to make people smile and be creative so this did not feel like a challenge.

  If anybody is thinking of taking part I say find something you love and turn that into your #24forAlice.

    Thank you       

Amy Tennet

Stalking is a vile crime that affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men in their lifetime, causes untold fear and distress in its victims, and in the worst cases (such as Alice’s) can escalate to murder. Yet all too often stalking (and coercive control within relationships, which can often turn to stalking when the relationship ends) carries on unchecked for far too long before action is taken. We focus upon young people because we want to raise a generation who recognise the seriousness of coercive control and stalking, know where to seek help, and are empowered to do so at an early stage.

A key objective for us at the moment is to spread the message widely within schools as part of formal PSHE lessons. Our existing Relationship Safety Resource, a set of quality-assured teaching materials and lesson plans aimed at 14- to 16-year-olds that we launched in March 2019, has been used in over 300 schools around the country. In particular, state schools in County Durham have been covered systematically thanks to an initiative by Durham Constabulary.

We will be using the money raised to carry out a massive expansion to this programme.

During lockdown we have been updating our existing Key Stage 4 resource, guided by evaluation feedback from the Co. Durham schools. As well as offering enhanced support and advice for those who are experiencing unhealthy relationships, the updated resource will include a new element focusing on those who may be engaging in stalking behaviours and the support they need in order to stop. We are also developing new lesson plans suitable for younger audiences (Key Stage 3, 11- to 14-year-olds). Thanks to an initiative by the NPCC, the enhanced roll-out will have support from several police forces around the country, and going forward will also benefit from the involvement of “SAAfE ambassadors” (professionals working with young people and university students training for such careers) under certification developed by St Mary’s University in Twickenham in collaboration with the Alice Ruggles Trust.

We plan to start rolling out these new resources in April this year and more extensively during the school year starting in September. The funds we receive will ensure that this roll-out is as wide as possible.

Thank you once again for your incredible support.

And ... if you have been thinking about taking part, do please sign up here and get involved in our wonderful community of fundraisers.

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Some of our fundraisers (and some ideas!)

Nick is running 24 km a week for 24 weeks
Christel is walking 24km a week for 11 weeks
Dave is losing 24 lbs in the first half of 2021
Maisie rowed 24km in one go on a rowing machine
Hattie ran 24k on Alice’s birthday (Dec 24)
Sabrina is running 24 miles in 24 days
Livvy swam 1 km a day for 24 days up to Dec 24
Owen is walking or biking 24 miles a week for 24 weeks
Mel sent turtle-charm bracelets to 24 countries
Charlotte ran 24 5ks in the 24 days of advent
Garima ran and cycled 240 km in Jan 2021
Emma is doing a 24-mile trail run (on Aug 25)
Rachael ran for 24 minutes on 24 days up to Dec 24
Paul and Helen are walking the Leics Round in 24 segments
Trish persuaded 24 friends to take a golf exam
Sue walked around 24 Leicestershire villages
Amy uploaded 24 TikToks over 24 days
The TL Book Group are reading 24 books by September
Nicky ran 24 miles in one week
Jim walked 24 miles