£22,338 raised in total!

THANK YOU!!! Your response was incredible.

The #24forALICE challenge ran for 24 months starting in lockdown and raised an amazing amount...

We have wound down #24ForAlice after a hugely successful two years.

We launched the #24forAlice challenge in October 2020 to enable people to achieve a personal goal during the pandemic while also supporting our vital work. It ran for 24 months and raised an incredible £22,188 in total.

What some of our fundraisers did

People's challenges could be anything as long as they involved the number 24. We had people walking, running, cycling, swimming and rowing, for 24 (or even 240!) km or miles or minutes or over 24 days, while others were producing 24 podcasts or tiktoks, making 24 craft items, losing 24 lbs, and much more.

One or two are still finshing off... That's OK!

Christel is putting out 24 weekly podcasts on stalking
Jess covered 240 miles (walking, running, cycling etc) in 24 days
Elpie ran 30 minutes per day for 24 days + 24 km on the last day, Alice’s birthday...
John and Nelly cycled C2C (240km) in two days
Dave lost 24 lbs in the first half of 2021
Nick ran 24 km a week for 24 weeks

Faye is doing 24 hikes around South Australia

Emma did a 24-mile trail run
Owen walked or biked 24 miles a week for 24 weeks
Clive did a 24-hour solstice walk on Jun 20–21 (*)
Livvy swam 1 km a day for 24 days up to Dec 24
Caitlin ran 24 miles then did 240 fencing lunges in a row
Sue walked around 24 Leicestershire villages
Hattie ran 24k on Alice’s birthday (Dec 24)
Maisie rowed 24km in one go on a rowing machine
Rachael ran for 24 minutes on 24 days up to Dec 24
Mel sent turtle-charm bracelets to 24 countries
Charlotte ran 24 5ks in the 24 days of advent
Christel walked 24km a week for 11 weeks
Sabrina ran 24 miles in 24 days
Amy uploaded 24 TikToks over 24 days
Garima ran and cycled 240 km in January
The TL Book Group read 24 books and then sold them
Jacob ran 24km in June despite the heat!
Nicky ran 24 miles in one week
Trish persuaded 24 friends to take a golf exam
Paul and Helen walked the Leics Round in 24 segments
Jim walked 24 miles



* Clive posted a log of his 24-hour solstice walk here.