About our staff and some of our volunteers

Alongside our wonderfully active Trustees, the Alice Ruggles Trust staff and an ever-growing number of volunteers help us develop, carry out, and promote many of our wide range of activities.

Victoria Charleston
is our Strategy and Development Manager.
Victoria has a background in policy and campaigns in and around Westminster and had worked specifically in stalking for three years before coming to our Trust in 2020. She has been instrumental in a number of key successes across the sector including the extension of sentences for perpetrators and the introduction of Stalking Protection Orders. Victoria is currently on maternity leave.

Katie Worden
is our Communications and Relationship Support Officer and providing maternity cover for Victoria.
Katie is a graduate in International Development Studies and French and has a lot of experience volunteering with small, grassroots projects as well as academic interests in gender equity. She has a particular interest in social media and its power to improve protection for young people from the dangers of stalking and coercive control.

is helping with our social media output.
Grace is currently studying journalism but is about to transfer into criminology. With this she intends to work in helping women effected by violence and stalking. She is currently focused on bringing more awareness to these issues and how frequently they occur in our society.

is a volunteer for the Alice Ruggles Trust.
Elena is a student at Durham University studying modern languages. She has a long-standing interest in multi-culturalism and inclusion and a passion for supporting women who have experienced violence. She actively wants to make a difference.

is a volunteer for the Alice Ruggles Trust.
Naz, who helps with our financial bookkeeping and reporting, is a graduate in accounting and finance with relevant experience at a number of small companies and charities.

is a volunteer for the Alice Ruggles Trust.
As a communications and sales specialist, Maddie wants to help increase awareness around all issues associated with stalking. As Alice’s childhood friend, she is passionate about educating schools and the public about stalking, domestic abuse, and coercive control.