About our Trust

The Alice Ruggles Trust is a Registered Charity, no. 1175316.

Our mission statement

The Alice Ruggles Trust exists to raise awareness of coercive control and stalking, to ensure that relevant legislation is effective and adhered to, and to bring about lasting improvements in the management of perpetrators and the protection of victims.

We aim to prevent what happened to Alice happening to others, by:

  • raising awareness of coercive control and stalking and their dangers;
  • working to ensure that stalking offences result in immediate action both to protect the victim and to deal effectively with the perpetrator;
  • providing education and training;
  • campaigning for improved legal measures; and
  • supporting relevant research.

The Trust’s activities

Since the Trust came into existence in 2017, we have taken part in numerous professional training events involving the police, CPS, judiciary, probation officers, domestic abuse case workers, and British Forces Germany. This year we have joined forces with the Cheshire Integrated Anti-Stalking Unit (IASU) to launch a new training initiative Working Together Against Stalking.

We have campaigned in support of the Stalking Protection Bill (which has now become Law) and we will continue to campaign for a Serial Perpetrator Register.

Raising public awareness is a priority. To this end we have taken part in four TV documentaries about Alice’s murder, as well as numerous radio programmes, podcasts and social media campaigns. These have reached millions of people across the UK and around the world. In addition we have made regular contributions to news items about stalking on both national and local media.

A major focus of the Trust going forward is to raise awareness among young people of the dangers of coercive control and stalking. In March of this year we launched the Alice Ruggles Trust Relationship Safety Resource, quality-assured teaching materials and lesson plans on stalking and coercive behaviour that are freely available to secondary teachers throughout the UK as part of the new statutory RSE strand of PSHE education.

On October 10 we are planning our first Trust conference, to be held in Leicester, where we aim to bring together a wide range of professional practitioners and academics to discuss best pratice in understanding and tackling stalking. As part of a series of events following on from the publication of the Domestic Homicide Review into Alice’s death, it will also provide an opportunity to reflect, six months on, on the lessons learned. More details will be circulated (and posted here) shortly.

More about the Trust's Activities

About our logo

Our logo was designed by Paul Johnson of PJD, based in the Leicestershire village of Tur Langton, where Alice grew up.

Why the turtle? Simply because Alice loved them. They have become a symbol among her family and friends of everything we are trying to achieve in her name. The turtle on the logo was designed by Alice's cousin Reece Hills.

What's behind the strapline? A fundamental principle. Stalking has to become universally recognised for the very serious crime that it is, something that must never be allowed to continue.