The Alice Ruggles Trust's mission is to help prevent
what happened to Alice happening to others.
We need to bring stalking to an end.


Alice Ruggles was murdered in 2016, aged just 24, by an ex-boyfriend following a relentless campaign of stalking.

Stalking is a seriously distressing and potentially life-threatening crime. This needs to be recognised by everyone. Stalking behaviour must result in immediate action both to protect the victim and to deal effectively with the perpetrator.

The Alice Ruggles Trust exists to raise awareness of stalking (including coercive control), to ensure that relevant legislation is effective and adhered to, and to bring about lasting improvements in the management of perpetrators and the protection of victims. The Trust is a member of the National Stalking Consortium.

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Our conference resolution

Passed on 6 October at our 2021 Trust conference

“Emerging evidence suggests that the effectiveness and application of Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs) is being hampered by multiple complicating and competing factors, leaving victims at risk of serious harm or death. The conference calls for an urgent and comprehensive independent review of SPOs.”



Stalkers are fixated and obsessed.

Are you a victim of stalking?

Several organisations provide advice and support to victims both locally and nationally within the UK:

Stalking Support Services
This has been a very hard year for many people and also very a challenging time for charities. We launched the #24forAlice challenge in October 2020 to enable people to achieve a personal goal while also supporting our vital work.

£16,752 raised! #24ForAlice has been so successful we are extending it...

THANK YOU!!! Your response has been incredible. The #24ForAlice Challenge was due to finish at the end of September 2021, but given its success we are extending it for another year. Why not give yourself a challenge, and help us spread the message about stalking...

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